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Cake Toppers - Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Want to make your wedding cake unique? Want to make your child's birthday cake special? Want to make mom and dad anniversary cake memorable? Exclusive handmade custom wedding cake toppers will be your best choice!

Why called them bobbleheads? They are small toy figurines that have large heads. A spring connects the head with the main body which is usually attached to a wide solid base. So, just a small tap will make the head bob and weave.

It might sound new but it is true that small bobbleheads are used as toppers in a cake. In fact, till date, a bobble head is considered to be the best cake topper. The use of bobbleheads as cake toppers has been widely popular all around the world. Moreover, the customization of such makes it available for use for various purposes. These can also be made in accordance with the needs of a person. As a result new designs of such get created to make it more special.

1. Bobbleheads Used As Wedding Cake Toppers

(Custom Wedding Bobbleheads)

If you are planning to get married, you can make your bobblehead doll as a decoration for the wedding cake, give your cake a unique appearance. This will eliminate the monotony of ordinary cake decoration designs in wedding celebrations.

How to custom the bobbleheads? Just send your photo and your partner's picture to the custom bobblehead maker. You can find a respectable custom bobbleheads maker on the Internet. In this way, the bobblehead maker will design figures in wedding attires. And as cake toppers, the bobbleheads should not exceed 7 to 8 inches long. This is to ensure that the bobbleheads will fit perfectly on top of the wedding cake.

You can save a lot if you use bobbleheads as wedding cake toppers. A customized set of cake toppers for wedding occasions would cost around $800 to $1600. This excludes the added cost for shipping and delivery. With bobbleheads, you will spend just a fraction of this amount. Aside from the savings you get, your wedding will surely become memorable because of these cute and bobbly bobbleheads.

2. Bobbleheads Used As Children's Birthday Cake Toppers

Use bobble head as birthday cake toppers, the birthday will never be the same again.

For your child's birthday, the head doll is the perfect cake topper. You can order a custom bobble head according to your child's preferences to celebrate his or her birthday. You can also order other figures to complete the cake decoration.

After the birthday, the bobblehead can be used as toys by children or they can be displayed for their amusement.

3. Bobbleheads Used As Parents Anniversary Cake Toppers

(Custom Anniversary Bobblehead Cake Topper)

Want to make your parents' wedding anniversary cake unforgettable? Customizing a bobblehead doll as a cake topper for them is definitely a special gift.

Send your parents' favorite styles and their most memorable photos to the custom bobblehead maker, and they will customize their own dolls for your parents, which is absolutely unique.

Tips for Using Bobbleheads as Cake Toppers

If you will use bobbleheads as cake toppers, you need to order the customized items 1 month before the actual celebration. If you are ordering a full complement set consisting of several characters and figures, then it is best to have a longer lead time.

Customized bobbleheads take time to create. That's because manufacturers will individually sculpt your ordered items. They will also correspond with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the design. After you have given the final approval, only then will the bobblehead makers start producing your specialized order.

So to avoid problems, order the cake topper bobbleheads way ahead of the scheduled occasion.

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