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If you're thinking of a quirky and customized gift for someone, a custom bobblehead doll is one of the most creative ideas you should consider. It is becoming the most desirable way to show your love and affection as everyone loves to have an enchanting bobblehead doll, and if it's a mini version of themselves, that makes it even more special.

One thing that gives bobbleheads an edge over other gifts is their daily life usability and handling. You can place this tiny version of yourself anywhere. It can be your office or your car, or a shelf at your home. They will always grab your attention, and you will have a big smile on your face reliving all the memories attached to them.

You must be wondering how to order your customized bobblehead within 100 dollars. I have the answer for that, and I will explain it to you in a few simple steps.

  • Choose a reputed supplier
  • Select an image
  • Mold design
  • Proof confirmation
  • Painting and assembly
  • Shipping

Choose a reputed supplier:

A seller should capture all the emotions and feelings that you want him to affiliate with your bobblehead. It is the seller's responsibility to keep you informed about the progress of your order and provide you with a memorable customer experience that you can remember for ages. While looking for a perfect bobblehead, always choose a seller who has a good reputation amongst his clients and has prior work experience.

Select an Image:

The first step for a customized bobblehead is to select an image that you want to replicate. If you want your bobblehead to be even more unique, then opt for an image that you are emotionally attached to and the image that can bring back pleasant memories. This image can be of anyone. It can be you, your friends, family, or a loved one. Many couples want to have their bobblehead cake toppers for their wedding cake to make their event even more special.

Try to choose a picture that has the excellent image quality and is visible. That way, it will become easy for the artist to pick all the details, and he will create a replica of your picture with precise finishing and similar looks.

Mold design:

After the selection of the image, the next step is mold design. The artist will create a 3D model of your image, which will be used to design a mold. There are many modeling software available these days that can replicate your image with exact precision. The designed mold will be used to make a proof. The artist will then work on that proof with his different tools and techniques to bring it as close to reality as possible.

Proof confirmation:

Once the proof is completed, the supplier will send you an image of the work-in-progress, and you will have to confirm that proof within a given period. A proof is a replica that the artist creates to receive permission from the customer. If the customer shows his satisfaction, then the artist moves on to the next step. In case of dissatisfaction, the artist makes adjustments to the mold according to the customer's requirements. Confirmation of proof is a way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and it also equips the customer with the opportunity to make several changes.

Painting and assembly:

After the customer has approved the proof, the artist begins to showcase his artistic skills with a variety of colors in his hands and meticulously paints your bobblehead doll. Once the paint job is completed, the artist starts the assembly of the doll that involves the attachment of the head to the body. Now your bobblehead is ready to be packed and shipped.


Try to find a supplier who uses DHL / UPS to send packages to customers. Usually, it takes only 3-7 days to deliver these products in any big city around the globe. Always choose a supplier who is offering proper packaging and fast delivery. Your order should be safely packed in a custom-shaped Styrofoam and a secure box. A supplier should know the importance of your gift and should deliver it in the most pristine condition within the agreed period.


A custom bobblehead is a collaboration between the customer and the artist. An artist should capture all the details provided by the customer with excellent proficiency and craftsmanship. Ordinary presents can make you smile for a moment, but bobblehead dolls are gifts for a lifetime as they are the most exciting and captivating gift you can give to anyone.