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Mother's Day Bobblehead - Excellent Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon. So does the opportunity, whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or end user, you need to find the coolest and most ideal things to meet your "target" needs. Did you start going there? Different people have different ways to meet his/her goals. What about you?

A great idea is a personalized mother's day bobblehead. If you don’t know what a bobblehead is, consider a small figurine, which has a large head mounted on a spring and swings up and down as it moves. Yes, these little issues are called bobble heads, and you might make a one that looks like you, your loved one, or anyone else.

These mother's day bobbleheads are made with 3D fashion products generated by laptops, which are mainly made based on pictures submitted by individuals during shopping. All you need to do is send a full entrance and a small face photo of everyone, you really want the bobbleheads to look like your father. That's it. You may be performed!

But before ordering a mother's day bobble head doll, you should know what is the most important factor affecting the quality of custom bobble head:

First, because most suppliers with floating heads use polyresin clay to bake and mold the dolls, and then apply paint. This means that the color of the bubble head doll is painted, not the original color of the clay. So before making your mother bobble head, you should make sure it is made of soft clay, not polyresin clay. Because the soft clay has its own color, the bobbing head dolls made of soft clay look more vivid and vivid, and of course the quality is higher.

The second point you should pay much attention to is to track its "manufacturing process". Because making bobble head dolls is actually a kind of craft art, it is very important to know the completion of each step. Some websites provide proofing services, and they are free. That means, they will provide you photos of your custom bobble heads in every step and ask for your ideas during its production process. Then your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Last but not least, you'd better choose a cost and performance website to achieve the best deal. In fact, websites that have their own bobble head manufacturing can save more costs than those that don't, so buying a mother's day bobble head from them will save you a lot.

However, if you do not want to cover all these details, but want to be done by professionals, you need to visit the website of http://www.bobblegifts.com. This website is a professional custom bobbehead maker, they use polymer clay-the color of their bobblehead is actually brighter, true 3D similar and higher quality. More importantly, you will get the best deal.


Hurry up and custom a mother's day gift just for your mother!!!