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Perfect Gifts For Any Occasion - Custom Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are becoming much more popular as personalized gifts for various special moments and holidays. You may be thinking that bobblehead dolls are those ornaments placed on car dashboards or given out at sporting events. Most look like celebrities, such as athletes, actors and other notable people.

Bobbleheads actually have a long history dating back to the middle 1800s. They used to be primarily made from ceramic and the doll's head was attached to the body by a spring. As you touch the doll's head lightly, it nods up and down or in other words, bobbles. That is why they are called bobbleheads.

Now, you can custom a doll to look like your brother, sister, aunt, uncle cousin, friend or other relative. They are elegantly crafted by professional designers, who will work you to make sure the dolls are perfect.

When the order is received, the designer is given a picture. He or she uses this picture to make this doll by hand. Due to the increasingly popularity, these dolls are typically made from plastic. This material is much easier to mold the doll to resemble the faces, postures and the clothes of the individual.

These custom bobbleheads can vary in size. The most common sizes are between 6 and 9 inches tall. You should keep in mind that they may vary in size even if you order multiple dollars, because each one is handcrafted.

If you want to buy one or more of these dolls, there are many online companies that can complete your order. You should compare websites and review their customer reviews and ratings. Most dolls generally range from $50 up to several hundred dollars. This price may depend on how detailed and life-like you want the dolls to be.

These custom bobbleheads can be given out as gifts for a variety of holidays and special occasions.

The most common has been for weddings. People always want to find that special gift to give to a bride and groom. It can also be used as a groomsman bobbleheads. Surprisingly, these are the most common dolls in today's times. Most companies offer a discount on an order of these dolls. You should ask for it.

Also for weddings, these bobbleheads can also be used for wedding cake toppers. These modern custom dolls definitely look better instead of using those traditional ones. The bride and groom want a cake topper to be that center of attention for the friends and family to be talking about.

It can be a romantic gift for Valentine's Day or anniversaries. Your partner will definitely love one of these. These bobbleheads are unique. They are also fun to play with and funny to look at.

They can also be given as a Christmas or Birthday gift for people who have everything or you do not know that well.

You may even want to get one of these for yourself. These custom bobbleheads can also serve as conversation starters if you have one on your desk, in your work area or in your car. They make unique personalized gifts.