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Tips for Custom Bobbleheads Online

It is very easy to get started creating your own personalized bobblehead. Just provide your photos. But how to control the details and how to custom a personalized bobblehead online? Follow the tips below will help you to make it easy.

1. Body Type

Body type means what kind of the body options you want to choose. It usually has 2 options: Fully Custom and Standard Body. Fully Custom is essentially a blank bobblehead you can design from head-to-toe. Standard Body bobbleheads are based on a certain model. You can choose the certain model in different themes that supplier offers from their websites.

2. Size and Use
The size of the bobblehead usually 6in, 7in and 9in. Choose a size you’d like, if you want to special size, you can contact us for customized, too. For gifts the 7in and 9in are recommend, for wedding cake topper 6in is better.

3. Head Bobble
A bobble head or a stationary head? It is also an option for create a bobblehead. Bobble head looks funny, stationary head looks nice. The online suppliers always charge a small extra fee for bobblehead.

4. Props/Accessories

What props or accessories do you want? Accessories are things like hats, glasses, tattoos, handheld objects, and much more. Props are things like furniture, vehicle, and other big things. Most of the suppliers are charge both of these things. But from Bobblegifts accessories are usually free.

5. Base and Material
Choose the right base. The base is where a bobblehead stands. The original price already includes the base, but if you want to custom a big, add more things, or write some words on, it will charge more, you’d better confirm with the supplier if you want to custom the base. For Bobblegifts to write some words on the base is free.

The main bobblehead are made from ceramic, plastic or resin. But our bobblehead is made from soft clay. It is durable and malleable.

6. Proofing and Revisions
Most of the companies offer proofing and revision during the custom-made period. You can actually approve, or request changes to the custom bobblehead. It is very important to offer the details and keep in touch with the company. To reply them in time, so that they can process your bobblehead step by step in short time, especially you are in fastest sculpting.

Please notice that once they assembling and baking bobblehead you can’t request changes any more.

7. Time and Shipping
As custom bobble head dolls is hand made by artists, is really takes time to create them. Usually 3-5 working days is the most fastest sculpting time. Normally it takes 10-15 working days to finish the custom made. It depends on the suppliers and the complexity of the bobblehead. For most suppliers offer the standard and expediting shipping. They will usually tell you on their website. So, think about the certain time to need the bobblehead to choose a plan suit for you. If you are not sure, it is better to confirm with the customer service.

Above all, you are really did know how to process custom a bobblehead online.