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Unique Cake Toppers - Custom Personalized Bobblehead

You cannot have cakes without some kind of cake topper; it's as simple as that. If you are decorating cakes for special occasions and you are looking for something unique, then you can consider the bobble head cake toppers.

A bobblehead is a small and extraordinary toy figurine with a large head. A spring is used to attach the head to the main body and this is usually mounted on a wide solid base. Therefore, you will get a small tap that will cause the head to bob and weave, which is how it got the name bobblehead. Generally, these are given as personalized toys or gifts. However, if you want to give these figures a twist and make your celebration more special, you can add these as toppers on the cake.

In case you are planning a wedding, you can add a bobble head cake top to your wedding cake to give it a unique look. It's also possible to customize them to match your wedding theme or just to add a photo with you and your spouse. You can find reputable manufactures online that will help you to customize your figurines especially for your wedding cake topper.

When used as cake toppers, these figurines must not go over seven to eight inches in length. This will ensure that the topper can fit properly atop the wedding cake. It is important to point out that you could get to save lots of money if you are using these as cake toppers for your wedding. A customized pair of toppers designed for weddings could cost as much as $1500 without fees for shipping and delivery. In addition to the savings, this will give you an opportunity to have a memorable wedding with cool and bobbly figures.

In addition to using these items on wedding cakes, you can also do the same for a birthday cake topper. If you are planning birthdays for children, bobbleheads will be the ideal cake top. Ensure that you order customized items that the birthday boy or girl will love. You could also order some other figures that can complete the set with the cake top.

Action characters could be used as models for birthday cake toppers, so you choose the kids favorite animals to include in the set. After the celebration, these bobbleheads could be used as toys or displays for their entertainment.

When you are using bobblehead cake toppers, its best to place your order one month prior to the actual celebration. If your time is urgent, you can contact our customer service and we can help you arrange expedited production.

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