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Want To Get More Creative With Your Car - Custom Dashboard Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads go way back in the past. They were first introduced in the 1760s in Mainland Europe and Britain. Till now, these figurines are kept in cars as decorative pieces. However, bobblehead enthusiasts collect these dolls as a hobby as well.

As these figurines became popular with time, people started to customize bobbleheads to match their favorite cartoon characters and comic superheroes. This trend of customizing bobbleheads became popular because people now get bobbleheads customized to match their physical appearance.

If you plan on getting creative with your car, you must add one or more custom dashboard bobbleheads in there. Here are a few ideas:

1.Superhero Bobbleheads
Guys usually love to drive and are enthusiastic about prepping it as well. So choose your favorite superhero and get a customized bobblehead for your car dashboard. Of course, if one bobblehead doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can always get many superhero bobbleheads.

Choose between DC and Marvel superheroes and get a whole series of bobbleheads to decorate your care. These figurines will also keep kids occupied while you’re driving. Maybe you like Wolverine better. Have his pointy claws and wolf face on your dashboard—a perfect representation of the mighty Wolverine in a funny way.

2.Animated Bobbleheads
Everyone out there loves Disney animated movies. These movies are a significant part of your childhood, and each character teaches you a lesson for life. Having a customized bobblehead or a complete set of the characters you love in your car would be a creative way to decorate your vehicle.

Although these figurines don’t do much, they are so entertaining to look at. You can look and play with the bobbling heads for long hours when you’re bored. One flick to either side and they won’t stop their wobbly dance.

3.Fictional Characters
Fictional movies have a way of taking you away from the dull realities of the world. There is always a unique character that speaks to you. You may relate to that specific character or just idealize them. Claim your love for that character by adding it to your car’s dashboard.

For instance, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, get three bobbleheads based on the characters of  Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. You might be interested in some famous characters like Edward Cullen, Katniss Everdeen, Sherlock Holmes, Captain Jack Sparrow, Gandalf, etc.
This is a creative way to show your love for these fictional characters.

4.Personal Customized Bobbleheads
For this option, you need to find a service provider that designs customized bobbleheads and ensures quality at the same time. Once you find such a service provider, you need to select your best picture because manufacturers will create the bobblehead according to the image you provide.

An excellent service provider will serve you with a great result. You will love your customized bobblehead once you set it on your dashboard.

5.Mini Bobbleheads
If you aren’t interested in superheroes and movie characters, you can find min bobbleheads online. These bobbleheads are adorable small-sized animals that fit on your dashboard easily. These bobbleheads are made of plastic, and they are affordable decoration pieces for your car interior.

The manufacturers of these bobbleheads use high-quality plastic in making these bobbleheads. After all, if they won’t wobble, they aren’t bobbles!

6.Politicians Bobbleheads
These Weebly wobbly bobbleheads are really fun to look at. Moreover, they add to the interior decor of your car. Bobbleheads have always been a great way to add funkiness and style to any vehicle.

They are so common that you’d see thousands of people’s cars having a cute little bobblehead wobbling from side to side. Add in a bit of spice by purchasing a bobblehead representing your favorite politician.

Is your favorite politician John F. Kennedy the late? What about Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, or (the late, yet genuinely inspiring) Abraham Lincoln? Whoever your favorite politician is, know that you will find a bobblehead of their face representing them creatively.

In conclusion, you will find numerous or maybe innumerable ways to decorate your car. In the end, the choice boils down to your preferences and likings. Try one of our described methods to give your car’s interior more style and funk. You will not regret it!