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Female Realtor Custom Bobbleheads

Female Realtor Custom Bobbleheads - BobbleGifts

Female Realtor Custom Bobbleheads

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$79 Regular price
Nov 29, 2021 23:59:59
Since this is full-body customization, You can upload HD full-body photos, or you can upload HD head photos plus your favorite custom photos. Whatever you can imagine, we can do it.
As shown in the photos below:

Special Note
If you have other customization requirements. Other customized photos can be emailing the image to service@bobblegifts.com A high-resolution image will work best. Please include your order number with your email. You are our priority, we will strive to make you happy and provide 100% satisfactory service.

•The Stationary Head can make for any hairstyles, and the Bobble Head hair can only be designed to the shoulder.

•Bobblehead Free Accessories

•Small accessories on the promised product will not charge any extra fees, such as helmets, hats, glasses, sunglasses, base inscription,etc.

•Bobblehead Proofing Service

•Proofing is the utmost important process to ensure the best likeness and highest quality of your custom bobbleheads, you will have a 100% satisfactory proofing service.

•Bobblehead Material

•We use polymer clay that meets the highest industry standards, it's a non-toxic, multi-color, and environmentally friendly convertible material that makes your bobblehead very alive-looking.

•Bobblehead Size

•The size is the stature of the person standing from head to toe, most of our bobbleheads are between 6-9inches. Other sizes, please contact us.


•Bobblehead craft and details

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Customer Reviews

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Erin M

This is the most amazing custom ordering I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! My online research brought me to this company after scouring the internet for a custom action figure. Nothing seemed to look legitimate, and the customer reviews of most of the companies I came across, although were positive, the photos didn't quite seem to be very custom nor did they look like the people they were supposed to look like..... they just didn't look good! These guys here however, SO AMAZING!!! I cannot believe the detail they have put into every piece of the product. Its almost scary how lifelike the head looks! haha From the moment I placed my order, this company was in almost constant contact with me (given the different time zones, it was never more than a few days), providing updates on the progress, allowing minor changes to be made, verifying colors, information, poses, you name it! The turn around time was less than 3 weeks from the time I ordered to the time it arrived in the mail. OUTSTANDING! Im so pleased with this that I have already began bragging and sharing their contact information to friends as well as total strangers, so I really hope this brings them more business. They deserve it! I loved the look of the bobblehead so much that I contacted them again to contract out another head for me (head only) so I can create my own moveable action figure using a blank 1/6 scale doll. This is supposed to be meant as a Christmas gift, but Im so excited about it, I may just have to gift it early! (Side note: I ordered so early since it is 100% customizable, I wanted to ensure there would be enough time for the product to arrive. I anticipate they will get busier as the holidays approach, so dont wait!) I literally can't stop looking at it!