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Bulk Order

Our company has been creating custom bobbleheads with premium quality for years. We have created thousands of custom bobbleheads for individual customers as well as companies and organizations through the years. Nowadays, more and more corporations have realized that custom bobble heads are perfect. Therefore, wholesale bobblehead dolls has become more and more popular.

No matter copy the same bobbleheads or unique desgin for each bobblehead. No matter fully custom bobbleheads or standard body bobbleheads. If you are interested in placing a bulk bobblehead order with us, please fill out the form below or just email to service@bobblegifts.com

The quotation will be made according to the information on this form therefore please be careful when filling out the form. The prices are based on 5”-7” height custom bobbleheads, if you have any special requirements please let us know when you are filling out the form or email us.


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